Skin brushing is crucial to the pursuit of natural beauty, and is an integral part of our personal beauty routines. Dry skin brushing is an incredible tool for improving the health and the appearance of our skin, as it stimulates the lymphatic system to eliminate cellular debris, pathogens, and waste molecules from the body. Buildup of this cellular waste due to a stagnant blood supply leads to a loss of vitality in the skin and a number of other cosmetic issues.


Aromatherapist and beauty goddess, Nadine Artemis of Living Libations, is a big proponent of dry skin brushing. She’s written an article on skin brushing in which she notes, “Just two minutes of whole-body dry brushing boosts blood supply (both in volume and area) to the skin for an hour. Blood vessels weave through the skin in an elegant tapestry delivering vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, and fluids that build and sustain it. The light pressure on the skin from dry brushing promotes temporary blood capillary dilation, which allows for a higher volume of blood flow and more efficient give and take with the cells. Dry brushing also recruits dormant capillaries back into action.”

The skin brushes we recommend are Bernard Jensen’s dry brush with natural tampico bristles (tampico is a fibrous plant material), and Living Libations’ Body and Breast Brushes. These brushes, whose bristles are made with natural plant materials, are preferable to those made with plastic bristles, as the natural fiber won't irritate your skin but the plastic more likely will.

What is it?

Dry skin brushing is an effective way to maintain skin health while not breaking the bank or adding a significant amount of time to your daily routine. Dry brush before your shower and/or bath (it should take you about 2 minutes).

Cleaning the brush?

Clean your brush after each use by coating the bristles with water, running it along your hand to remove the excess liquid, and placing it face-up on a dry surface.

How to do it?

Take note that brushing towards the heart amplifies effectiveness by increasing blood flow and circulation

1. Brush from the toes upwards

2. Neck downwards

3. From the hands to the shoulders down towards the heart

You can view an instructional video by Libations' Nadine Artemis here.

I will put coconut oil on my body and then brush in the above directions. You can also coat your brush with a high quality essential oil, such as rosemary, which can safely be applied neat (or undiluted) onto the skin. WARNING: Always use essential oils with caution and in modest proportion as they can be potent.

Learn more about facial dry brushing here.

Will you try body brushing? Do you already do it? Let me know your thoughts !

♡ KK