Facial dry skin brushing is immensely effective at improving the appearance of skin and is a practice that, when approached in a gentle manner, will totally revolutionize your beauty routine, giving you softer and more glowing skin––naturally! 

What does it do?

Improves the health and the appearance of skin

Stimulates the lymphatic system to eliminate cellular debris, pathogens, and waste molecules from the body––the buildup of which leads to a loss of vitality and elasticity.

What brush should I use?

The brush you use is critical, as you want to avoid ones that have harsh or synthetic bristles––both of which can irritate the skin. Our favorite brush is Living Libations’ facial brush, because it has the perfect amount of softness and firmness, and is ultra effective at buffing away dry skin.

How do I do it?

  1. When brushing the face make sure to brush lightly, as the goal is to revive the skin, not pull on it. It is important to brush lightly and up towards the hairline, not down towards the neck, and to carry out five strokes for each area. The entire process should take about five minutes to complete.
  2. 1. Wash your face. You want to be sure to avoid clogging your pores with makeup and other products.
  3. Start from your décolleté and neck and brush in an upward motion.
  4. Move to the chin and brush upwards and outwards towards the lower cheek/jaw area.
  5. Above the cupid’s bow of the lips, brush outwards towards the cheeks.
  6. For the cheeks, brush upwards and outwards in a circular motion towards each ear.
  7. For the eyes, repeat that upwards and outwards motion lightly around each eye.
  8. For the forehead, brush lightly to the right on the right side of the forehead, and lightly to the left on the left side of the forehead.


It is important to note that you should not dry skin brush the face as often as you do the body and should only do it a maximum 2-3 times per week. I find that I do it once a week if not once every 2 weeks, as you probably can tell by now, I like to do many other masks and treatments other nights of the week. Also, if you notice that your skin is irritated, or is excessively dry and/or red, stop brushing and either reduce the number of times per week you face brush, change brushes, or brush lighter (or all three).

Dry brushing for the face requires a different set of protocols than those required for dry brushing the body. For detailed instructions on body brushing refer to this blog post.

Additionally, if your skin is extremely sensitive, or if you have any skin condition, consult with your dermatologist before face skin brushing. We recommend dry brushing before your shower by first washing and pat drying your face, then skin brushing according to the instructions above, and rinsing your face with water again. Follow your shower with an application of your favorite cream or serum to moisturize (I love Living Libations' Rose Glow Crème and Chocolate Karat Serum) which you can shop here. 

When Not to brush

Days where you've had any facial peels done, or on days where you manually exfoliate in the shower, as the combination can be too harsh for the skin.

When you have open blemishes––though blackheads and whiteheads are ok to brush, as the process helps to eliminate them.


Always remember to clean your brush after each use by coating the bristles with water, running it along your hand to remove the excess liquid, and placing it face-up on a dry surface so that it can dry out fully. Keep your face brush clean always, as dry brushing with a dirty brush can introduce more dirt into the skin and clog the pores. Replace your brush every few months, though sooner if you notice any signs of water damage to the brush.

Have you tried skin brushing before? What are your thoughts?